The Book of Romans is the first and only systematic theology written by an apostle of Christ, and it is perhaps the best ever. The “Roman Road” gives a clear path from Condemnation (chaps 1-3) to Justification (chaps 3-5) to Sanctification (chaps 6-8). The book also dealt with the issue of Israel Nation (chaps 9-11). After the above sections on the theory of the theology of salvation, it also provides a section on its Application (chaps 12-16), which we find to be related to the Beatitudes (Matt 5:3-10). This is a 108 lesson, 2 ½ year long journey for our church. You are invited to enjoy the ride with us.


We will post about twenty-five sermons per web page in this series. Each entry will include the audio file as originally preached at Abilene Bible Church along with the sermon handouts in PDF form.

Romans 1: A Bond-servant of Christ: Author and Message of Romans (1:1-7) ◦ Preached on 10/12/2014

The Book of Romans is a letter written by the Apostle Paul to the Church in Rome in c. AD 54. Paul called him a bond-servant of Christ, a willing slave for life due to the love for the master. An overview is given for the life of Paul and the message he was called to preach.

Romans 2: Not Ashamed of the Gospel: Motive and Theme of Romans (1:8-17) ◦ Preached on 10/19/2014

The Church in Rome was founded by Apostle Peter in AD 42-43, but a persecution made it into a predominantly Gentile church in A.D. 50. Paul explained why he never visited them before, and why he should write a letter now (in A.D.54).

Romans 3: There Is No Excuse: The Intellectual Bankruptcy of Atheism (1:18-20) ◦ Preached on 10/26/2014

God gave enough evidence for believing in His existence and power. Sinful men, however, want to deny His existence. This is not intellectually tenable.

Romans 4: Their Hearts Were Darkened: The Folly of World Religions (1:21-23, 25) ◦ Preached 11/02/2014 ◦ Audio File Unavailable

When man refuses to accept the true God, he will foolishly make gods in the image of man (idols), actually worshiping the demons (fallen angels who should have been the servants of man).

Romans 5: They Are Let Go by God: The Corruption of the Body (1:24, 26-27) ◦ Preached on 11/09/2014

When men reject God, He will let go of their conscience so that they would fully commit sins in extreme, unnatural ways such as homosexuality. Is that the unforgivable sin?

Romans 6: They Have a Depraved Mind: The Corruption of the Soul (1:28-32) ◦ Preached on 11/16/2014

When men reject God and then sin in the spirit, God will let go of them, and their sin will not only dominate their body, but it also corrupts their soul, resulting in a wicked and chaotic society.

Romans 7: You Who Pass Judgments on Others: The Snare of Hypocrisy (2:1-5) ◦ Preached on 11/23/2014

Those who judge others know right from wrong; so they be judged by the standard they use on others. Since heart is required for the kingdom of heaven, everyone will be “done in” by hypocrisy.

Romans 8: Render to Each According to His Deeds: The Justice of God (2:6-11) ◦ Preached on 12/07/2014

Paul declared that God will judge everyone according to his or her deeds, and the same standard is applied to Jews and Gentiles without partiality. Is this in conflict with salvation by faith? What is really at stake here?

Romans 9: Those Who Sinned without the Law: The Fairness of God (2:12-16) ◦ Preached on 12/14/2014

Is God fair to judge people who have never heard of God or the Gospel? Is it possible for heathens who know God instinctively to be saved? These are good questions that deserve good answers.

Romans 10: A Guide to the Blind: God’s Expectation on Israel (2:17-24) ◦ Preached on 12/28/2014 ◦ Audio File Unavailable

The Jews were given the Laws of God. For this they were rightly proud. But to those who have been given much, much is required. Have they fulfilled their duty?

Romans 11: Circumcision of Value: The Need of Inward Circumcision (2:25-29) ◦ Preached on 01/04/2015

What does circumcision mean for the Jews according to God? What is the condition when it is beneficial or advantageous? What is the application for the Christians?

Romans 12: Let God Be Found True: Lessons from Israel (3:1-8) ◦ Preached on 01/11/2015

The Jews were entrusted with the Word of God, and their disobedience rightfully deserved God’s wrath and discipline. This, however, happened and was written down for the benefit and instruction of others.

Romans 13: There Is None Righteous: The Doctrine of Condemnation (3:9-20) ◦ Preached on 01/18/2015

Jews and Gentiles are all under sin! There is not even one righteous man or woman on all of earth, and not even one human being seeks after God by his or her own initiative.

Romans 14: Apart from the Law: Justification by Grace through Faith (3:21-26) ◦ Preached on 02/01/2015

When the way of being saved through the works in the Law is blocked, Paul explained the existence of another way, which is the only way: justification by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior of Mankind.

Romans 15: Where then Is Boasting: Justification by Faith Alone (3:27-31) ◦ Preached on 02/08/2015

The God of the Jews is also the God of the Gentiles. He justifies both by the means of faith so that no one can boast. On the other hand, faith is not an enemy of the Law; rather, faith is a true friend and supporter of the Law.

Romans 16: His Faith Is Reckoned as Righteousness: Faith and Works (4:1-8) ◦ Preached on 02/15/2015

Abraham was reckoned as righteous by God because he believed in the word of God, and David’s sin was not reckoned by God because he accepted God’s grace.

Romans 17: A Seal of the Righteousness of Faith: Faith and Circumcision (4:9-12) ◦ Preached on 02/22/2015

Abraham was the father of the circumcised (Israel/Jews), yet he was reckoned as righteous by faith before he was circumcised. Thus, he is also the father of those who believe yet are uncircumcised.

Romans 18: The Father of Us All: Faith and the Law (4:13-17a) ◦ Preached on 03/01/2015

It was through the promise of God that Abraham and his seed shall become the heir of the world. It was not through the Law, which only generates wrath. Abraham is the father of the people of faith, with or without the Law.

Romans 19: Against All Hope: Faith and Circumstances (4:17b-22) ◦ Preached on 03/08/2015

Abraham’s faith is in the promise of a God who can and does make the dead alive, as He did on Abraham and Sarah in producing the seed of Promise, Isaac. True faith is based on hope and against all hope.

Romans 20: Not for His Sake Only: Faith and Justification (4:22-25) ◦ Preached on 03/15/2015

Abraham’s way of justification by faith is a universal way: it works for him, and it works for all who believe in Jesus Christ as their savior and lord.

Romans 21: Peace with God: The 1st Benefit of Justification (5:1-4) ◦ Preached on 03/22/2015

Men used to be at war with God, but believers have entered a state of peace with Him. They now stand on the irrevocable grace of God. So they shall rejoice even under persecution, which strengthens their hope.

Romans 22: Love of God: The 2nd Benefit of Justification (5:5-8) ◦ Preached on 03/29/2015

The Love of God was poured down to believers through the Holy Spirit, for they understood Christ’s unmatchable grace of dying for the sinners.

Romans 23: Saved through His Life: The 3rd Benefit of Justification (5:9-11) ◦ Preached on 04/05/2015

Believers are saved from the wrath of God because of the death of Christ; they also have the life of Christ because of his resurrection. They not only have peace with God, but also rejoice in the LORD.

Romans 24: All Have Sinned: The Effect of Sin without the Law (5:12-14) ◦ Preached on 04/12/2014

Sin entered the world though Adam before the Law. It brought death to all people, for all have sinned. Death even came to the one without sin, who is Adam’s antitype and antidote: Jesus Christ.

Romans 25: Free Gift Not Like the Transgression: The Effect of Grace without the Law (5:15-17) ◦ Preached on 04/19/2015

Sin condemned all people by the transgression of one (Adam). Grace justified many by the righteousness of one (Christ). The reign of death is limited from Adam to Christ.

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