Sermon #1 ◦ Presentation PDF

It Goes Down, When the Right People
Are Wrong (Ch 1) ◦ Preached on 08/18/2013 Jonah resisted God’s will of reaching out to the gentiles/Assyrians, and he went on a path of going down, down, down, till he was in the belly of a fish.

Sermon #2 ◦ Presentation PDF

It Serves Him Right, but God Is Short of Spite (Ch 2)

Preached on 09/01/2013  ◦ Jonah, who did not respect the lives of the Gentiles, prayed for God to rescue his life, and God granted his petition so that he might prove his obedience.

Sermon #3 ◦ Presentation PDF

It May Not Be Expected, but God Can Change the Wicked (Ch 3)

Preached on 09/08/2013 ◦ Jonah obeyed God’s commission and preached the message of judgment; to his surprise the Gentile king and people repented and were spared.

Sermon #4 ◦ Presentation PDF

It Goes up, When One Trusts in God’s Heart (Ch 4) ◦ Preached on 09/15/2013 Jonah begrudged over God’s sparing of the Assyrians, who had the potential of oppressing Israel in the future, but God taught him about His heart and left him pondering about God's greater plan.