Abilene Bible Church financially and prayerfully supports sixteen missionaries all over the world and has a personal relationship with each one of them. These leaders are changing the lives of people throughout the world by teaching God’s Word.  People around the world are weary of words, and they are starving for authenticity. The Apostle Paul reminds us in I Thessalonians, Chapter 2 that we are delighted to share not only the gospel of God but our lives as well. These missionaries share God’s message and their lives -- as true and important to the Thessalonians as it is for us today. By God’s grace the missionaries intertwine authenticity in their relationships with those to whom they minister; the closer they get to an individual, the greater impact on his or her life.


Through these missionaries, much is accomplished, and prayers are answered. Many are being saved, healed, and schools are being built. The Lord’s will is being done; wars are being won; lands are being healed; children are walking, and the blind can see. God can be seen through His creation; evangelism will continue; people are being baptized, and Jesus’ name is spoken and will continue and so much more . . .


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